15 ways to stop procrastinating and start doing things….

15 ways you can stop procrastinating and start doing….. read on

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If you never start, you’ll never have a chance to fail. But you’ll never have a chance to succeed, either.

So stop pretending you haven’t failed by not trying. Stop procrastinating and go for it. Your dilly-dallying around, your excuses, your poking, playing, puttering and loafing about aren’t fooling anyone. Procrastination is fear cloaked in nonchalance.


10 most overused terms on LinkedIn ; what not to use on LinkedIn


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Looking for a new job? If you want to stand out, you may want to avoid describing yourself as motivated. Or creative. Or using any of the terms below.

LinkedIn has released its list of the most-overused words and phrases on its site in 2014 to coincide with a traditional spike in the number of Britons updating their profiles on January 21, as the search for a new job in the new year gets well and truly underway.

1. Motivated
2. Creative
3. Enthusiastic
4. Passionate
5. Track record
6. Driven
7. Extensive experience
8. Wide range
9. Responsible
10. Strategic

To read the original article go to : http://i100.independent.co.uk/article/these-are-the-ten-most-overused-terms-on-linkedin–x1SGanNXjx

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Most Common Resume Mistakes you are making; and how to avoid them.

Top resume writing mistakes committed by Job Seekers: What not to do …


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Readability: Formatting that doesn’t help me read the content. If my eye doesn’t know where to go, either because you’ve crammed too much onto the page, or haven’t broken up your information into digestible sections, you’re making it hard for me. I have hundreds of resumes to review. If you’re throwing obstacles in my way before I even get to the part where I’m thinking about whether you’re a fit, you’re only hurting yourself. Use formatting to organize the data. Present a polished, readable product.

Organization: Content that is arranged in such a way that I have to work really hard to figure out whether you’re worth contacting. There are many ways to organize information about your experience – there’s a point where I’m going to want to see something chronological, and something that speaks to the relevant experience that qualifies you for the job. It’s fine—and often helpful if it’s thoughtfully done—to organize experience into relevant categories rather than listing individual responsibilities in a strictly chronological account of your life at work. Somewhere, however, you’ll need to list your prior employers, tenure with each, and jobs you had there. I need that part of the story. And I need to be able to easily differentiate your summary of skills from your work history. When you get too far afield with organization, and give me a non-linear, haphazard collection of facts, I begin to wonder if you’re a good fit before I even know what you can do.

Relevance: Content that seems arranged for some other kind of job than the one for which you’re applying. Your best bet is to hand me a document that demonstrates that you’re the most appropriate candidate for the position. If you give me an unedited data dump of everything you’ve ever done or thought, you’re leaving me to analyze you and do that work for you. I’m tired. Give me what I want, and spare me the details about your paper route, big projects that have no relevance to this position (or frame that information so its relevance is immediately apparent), and highlight the experience that makes you a good fit for my open position.

Substance: Content that’s all jargon with no indication of the scope or depth of your experience. In the interview, it’s going to become very clear that you either know what you’re talking about or you don’t. Please don’t go for the “if you can’t dazzle them with diamonds, baffle them with nonsense” approach. Instead, tell me what I need to know:

  • What did you work on?
  • How responsible were you for the design, execution, and outcome?
  • What was the scope of your responsibility?
  • How much technical skill did you have/need to do that job?
  • How much independent judgment did you exercise?
  • Did you progress to successively more responsible positions/assignments?
  • How well did that prepare you for the level of responsibility involved in the job to which you’re applying? Close match? Stretch? That’s what I’m asking.

When an entry-level applicant includes, “responsible for any and all aspects of…” on their resume, I assume that isn’t the case—they weren’t developing the policy, they didn’t have the authority to act independently…save me having to decipher, and be accurate. “Processed inbound customer requests” is not the same as “responsible for any and all aspects of customer service for the XX department.” Your boss determined the course, and you followed it—there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s not the same thing.


To read the original article go to : http://time.com/3634193/resume-complaints/

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ORPOS (Oracle Retail Point of Sale) Developer, US Based IT Co., Pune

Role: ORPOS Developer (Oracle Retail Point of Sale)
Location: Pune
 As per experience
Experience: 2 -8 years exp
Relevant Experience: 2+ yrs in POS development

Job Responsibility and Description:

  • You must have hands-on experience on ORPOS (Oracle Point of Sale) development .
  • You must be proficient in developing Oracle POS platform and should ideally have been a part of the development team or have led a team of developers.
  • Strong expertise in Java/J2EE, SQL, Oracle databases
  • Excellent communication skills
  • You must have a Valid passport
  • Immediate availability will be preferred
  • Onsite experience with major retailer will be of added advantage
  • This position may require you to travel onsite/abroad / onsite opportunity

Keywords: ORPOS, Oracle retail point of sale, POS, Java, Core Java, J2EE, SQL, Oracle database, Retail

Please email your updated resumes to prajkta.dixit@isourcecorp.com

UI/HTML, PHP Developer – Freelancer/ Work from home/full time Pune, 1-3 years

Title: UI/HTML, PHP Developer – Freelancer/ Work from home/full time

Designation:  UI/HTML, PHP Developer

Education: BE/BCS/MCS or similar

Salary: Competitive

Work Location: Work from home/ freelancer/Freelancing/Full time

Compensation: Project-wise/payroll

Job Description:

  • At least 1 -3 years of experience coding using PHP/HTML5/JQUERY/CSS/MySQL/AJAX/JAVASCRIPT
  • Shouldbe able to program using MVC frameworks, PHP and database driven applications
  • Experience in payment gateway integration tools/environment like woocommerce / magento / prestashop / opensource is a must.
  • Development environment in wordpress (CMS) is desirable
  • Good knowledge of clientside optimization techniques
  • Experience working with jQuery/ Javascript frameworks
  • Experience with working on high traffic web sites
  • Strong understanding of Object Oriented Programming
  • Good understanding in configuring and monitoring Apache and MySQL
  • Good understanding of development processes that involve the deployment of websites/apps


Knowledge of website usability /CODEIGNITER, CakePHP, Web Services

PHP, HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, JSON, MySQL and SQLite.

Handson development experience using CodeIgniter, Cake PHP including customization.

Key words: PHP, HTML, CSS, JSON, MySql, Ajax, Javascript, codeigniter, cakephp, MVC Frameworks, OOPS, Jquery.

Please email your updated resumes to info@isourcecorp.com; prajkta.dixit@isourcecorp.com

MySQL Developer for an IT Co. Pune, 3 years

Title: Hiring Mysql Developer for Software Co. Pune, 3 yrs .

Role: Mysql Developer

Experience: 3+ years (relevant)

Education: BE/ME/Bsc/Msc/BCA/MCA

Location: Pune

Salary: Competitive

Job Responsibilities:  
·         Proficient in Product Development  i.e. functionality and designing visual interface
·         Excellent knowledge of MySQL (Simple SELECT and JOIN statements will NOT be enough)
·         The ideal candidate should have required experience in PHP 5.0, MYSQL 5.0, Apache\
·         Knowledge of OOPS will be an added advantage
·         Experienced with HTML, CSS and JavaScript also.
·         Excellent PHP Scripting skills are essential.
·         Designing and maintaining MySQL databases and tables
·         Must have knowledge of query optimization
·         Data Architecture, data modelling & Database Performance Tuning.
·         Experience in Web E-commerce projects will be an added advantage
·         Exposure to any NoSQL database
·         Excellent knowledge of triggers , stored procedure, functions and transaction
·        Understanding business requirements and devising a solution.

Key words: MySQL, NoSQL, PHP, e-commerce, Web applications, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML, Apache, OOPS, Linux. Unix

Please email your updated resume to prajkta.dixit@isourcecorp.com/info@isourcecorp.com

Demandware Specialist- E Commerce Application, 3 years, Pune

Title :  Demandware development specialist-E-commerce application

Experience : Expert in Demandware Ecommerce development. More than 3.5 yrs of experience in ecommerce domain.

Location: Pune

Core competency  : Demandware e-commerce, JAVA, C, C++, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, JSON, XML

Special competency : Experienced Digital Commerce, Demandware E-Commerce Professional with Digital Marketing & Consulting Expertise.

Skills :

Programming Languages :  JAVA, PHP, C, C++

Scripting Languages : Java script, Jquery, Ajax, Demandware script

Modelling Languages : Agile Development

CMS / Blogtools : WordPress, Drupal, joomla

DBMS : Mysql

Frameworks : codeigniter

E-commerce platforms : Demandware, Magento, Opencart

Tools and applications : MS office

Platform and O/S : Windows XP, vista, 2007

Testing : Unit testing, sanity

Other : Apache tomcat, eclipse, SVN, GIT

Keywords: Demandware, e-commerce, java, PHP, C, C++, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, JSON, XML, Ajax, agile, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Codeignitor, Magento, Opencart, Unit testing, Apache, Tomcat, Eclipse, SVN, GIT

Please email your updated resumes to prajkta.dixit@isourcecorp.com/info@isourcecorp.com

US Based IT Co. needs UI / Front end Developer, 3 + yrs, Pune

Designation:  UI Developer

Education: BE/B.Tech/BCS/MCS/MCA

Experience: 3-8 years

Salary: Competitive

Work Location: Pune

Job Description:

-Candidates should have 3 years experience in HTML, Javascript, Ajax, and CSS and JS libraries like jQuery or similar

-Should have strong experience on UI/ frontend development.

-Candidates should be very strong in Javascript and Jquery with experience in HTML, CSS and AJAX.

-Candidates must have 3 years experience in developing web applications on AngularJS/Backbone.

-Experience with developing real time web applications is a plus.

-Ability to learn responsive web design

-Good knowledge of agile work practices

Key words: Javascript, jquery, Ajax, HTML, CSS, User Interface, UI, Frontend, angular.js, backbone

Please email your updated resumes to prajkta.dixit@isourcecorp.com/info@isourcecorp.com

Immediate requirement for Magento Lead for US Location !! 6 years experience

Title: Magento Lead

Designation: Magento Lead

Experience: 6 years

Education: BE/BCS/MCS or similar

Salary: Competitive

Work Location: US / Pune

Job Description:

  • -Good experience developing websites, back-end integration
    -Extensive experience with PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery
    -Strong hand-on experience with Magento
    -Strong E-Commerce experience
    -Good experience with Zend Framework
    -Understanding of SQL and/or MySQL
    -Good understanding of Web Analytics
    -Experience with Object Oriented Programming / Object Oriented Design (OOP/OOD)
  • -Experience extending or customizing existing products/frameworks such as Drupal, Magento, WordPress, OS Commerce, Woocommerce, Open cart, zen cart, open source, payment getaway integrations
  • Valid US visa desired

Key words: Magento, WordPress, Woocommerce, Open cart, zencart, Javascript, CSS, Jquery, Zend framework, OOPS, MySQL, E-commerce, HTML, PHP, Drupal, OS Commerce, RFI, RFQ, RFP, Bid management tools, presales

Please email your updated resumes along with current ctc, expected ctc and notice period to prajkta.dixit@isourcecorp.com, info@isourcecorp.com